PR/Social “Superfriends”

So if you’ve been following along, you know I have entered the world of PR. I suppose it was only a matter of time when you consider what I’ve done all my life.

Talk about things I’m passionate about… a lot, to lot’s of different folks in a seemingly never-ending manner.

When I first broke into the Social Media world (before it was called social media) it was about promotions and marketing and relationship building and, let’s face it, coolness. As I began to have little successes with non-profit campaigns and later with major brands I was on the speaker circuit exclaiming the virtues of community management from a DIY point of view and actually denouncing PR as the place to go for social.

As the dust settles on this now core communication channel, it is abundantly clear that the world of PR is the best if not only place to house your social media services. PR’s DNA is made up of “Always On”. It’s all about identifying opportunities to create a buzz or a relationship or a moment in time out of what is happening in the real world. More-Over PR is where the traditional media intersects with the people and THEN intersects with the brand.

For the last 7+ months, my work at MSL GROUP has been to grow our business and bring both a vibrant always on approach as well as dynamic activations to some of the biggest names in CPG. It’s been a whirlwind few months aclimating to the inner sanctum of the PR world and watching the melding of this “new” wacky world of social to the venerable practice of PR.

It feels like being part of a DC/Marvel cross-over and I LOVE IT!

On Monday I will be attending the 2012 Matrix Awards communing with stellar women in communications and PR. I’m excited to have elevated what I once thought was a silly techy nerd girl obsession into a viable career that is actually part of a real paradigm shift in communications.

look for updates post awards and hopefully more blogs on this crazy new world I’ve entered…until then, check this crossover out:

Great report on Facebook Post Effectiveness

I woke up this morning to a wonderful study in my in-box. VITRUE has released a report on Facebook post effectiveness for the CPG and QSR sectors. Having made the switch from the non-profit to the corporate sector this year, it has been fun testing and learning the most effective methods for communicating with our target audience in the social space.

Luckily, the report supports the best practices we present to our clients. While most of it seems like common sense to us “expert” social media types it’s refreshing to have data to support it. Clients love a good third-party graph to make them feel better about the mysterious world of social.

While this report is great for understanding scheduling posts it doesn’t quite get into the content. So we know WHEN to post but do you know WHAT to post. And furthermore WHO should be posting and what is the tone and voice that the post should have?

Wow, down to the last sip of coffee and we have more questions than when we began.

I have a fantastic formula that we use to help make sure brands are avoiding marketing speak and providing content that is engaging and interactive for their online guests and consumers. Furthermore we work with each of our clients to experience the kind of paradigm shift that us Non-Profit types went through over 2 years ago.

That is the shift from talking TO our audience to talking WITH our audience. This requires a lot of hard and uncomfortable work. It requires us to loosen our brand stringency, to be open to talking about topics important to our consumer but not necessarily on brand. I can’t wait for a report to come out that shows effectiveness of Facebook post content….perhaps I’ll start one myself using my clients as the case-study.

I’ll be posting our formula for success in social communications very soon, in the meantime click below to check out this latest report and enjoy your morning!


5 Quick Social Media Tips

I was on a lunch panel at the recent Social Media for Healthcare Communicators summit at the Mayo Clinic. The concept was 30 ideas in 30 minutes and we went rapid fire with a panel that included Lee Aase, Shel Holtz, Heather Harper of Edelman and more. I thought I would post my top 5 tips here for you as an addition to the slide show I posted teh otehr day!
1. Engage all teams and filter concerns and suggestions prior to starting your Social Media efforts. This will reduce push back and allow you to think more strategically about how Social Media can be put to use for your organization.
2. Focus on 1 or 2 channels at first, just on those you will be able to pay attention to. Don’t open a store if you aren’t going to be open for business!
3. Share the wealth; show your support for other like organizations (even your competitor) to build trust and respect as a true industry leader. This also gives you credibility with clients/customers/patients and shows you are not using these channels for sales and pr alone.
4. Engage outside help; don’t feel like you have to be the lone ranger in Social Media for your organization. Engage people who are natural to the medium such as volunteers, receptionists etc to handle day to day basic communication. This frees you up to do the creative strategy to use the channels to reach your desired goals.
5. THINK MOBILE! Mobile is the natural evolution of the personal computer; as you begin to embark on social media, include researching and incorporating mobile so that you are ahead of the curve! (shameless plug can help!

#MayoRagan09 conference

I have just had an amazing two days hanging out with healthcare communicators at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. I was so honored to be asked to speak at this conference on how I have used Social Media at Operation Smile. I have learned a ton and met some really great folks . Shout out to the awesome Lee Aase and Shel Holtz who I was lucky enough to share a panel with. Great stuff guys!

I was excited to get a few laughs and tweets about the presentation, here is a copy of my slide show: