Riot Social is my little consultancy project that does BIG things!

After more than 10 years of experience helping some of the world’s largest brands and non-profits master social/digitial/mobile, I’m turning my attention to the projects I believe in and helping organizations and companies who are ready to GO THERE digitally.

Led by my 3P mantra (pixels/paper/people) I work with a talented team of freelance designers, developers and marketing professionals to help in any and every aspect of your communication, marketing, branding and event needs.

Working on a sliding scale to help businesses and organizations large and small, Riot*Social is the perfect solution for all budgets and goals!


Social Media Consulting:

  • Anti-Social? From the perfect Facebook presence to tweeting and tumbling, I can help!


  • Having an identity crisis? From restaurants to non-profits I have created and refined brands persona to find their authentic and lucrative voice.

Youth Marketing:

  • Too square to be hip? I can help you reach younger demographics!

Mobile Marketing:

  • Ring Ring; Mobile is the next wave of reaching supporters and customers, I can help you dial in to the right campaign!


  • The best social media happens IN PERSON, let me help you make the most of your next fundraiser, grand opening or gala event!


Mobile: 917.474.2533
Skype:  LuckyRenee1

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