Get Lucky Consulting

Get Lucky is my little consultancy project that does BIG things!

After more than 15 years of experience helping some of the world’s largest brands and non-profits master social/digital/mobile, I’m turning my attention to the projects I believe in and helping organizations and companies who are ready to GO THERE digitally.

Led by my 3P mantra (pixels/paper/people) I work with a talented team of freelance designers, developers and marketing professionals to help in any and every aspect of your communication, marketing, branding and event needs.

Working on a sliding scale to help businesses and organizations large and small, Get Lucky is the perfect solution for all budgets and goals! Click Here to join the Get Lucky email list for newsletters featuring tips and tricks on digital and social media marketing.


Social Media Consulting:

  • Anti-Social? From the perfect Facebook presence to tweeting and tumbling, I can help!


  • Having an identity crisis? From restaurants to non-profits I have created and refined brands persona to find their authentic and lucrative voice.

Millennial Marketing:

  • Too square to be hip? I can help you reach younger demographics!

Mobile Marketing:

  • Ring Ring; Mobile is the next wave of reaching supporters and customers, I can help you dial in to the right campaign!


  • The best social media happens IN PERSON, let me help you make the most of your next fundraiser, grand opening or gala event!


Mobile: 917.474.2533
Skype:  LuckyRenee1

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