Periscope and my early adoption missteps

I come from a long line of early adopters. Chief among them was my step-dad car phone copyRuss. He was in radio and was always into the latest gadgets and technologies. As soon as he heard of some new and better way to listen to music or watch TV he was on it. To that end, I was one of the first kids with a portable cassette tape player and imagine my excitement when I got a portable cd player the size of a shirt box. We were also the first in the neighborhood with a mobile phone in our care. It was the size of a toaster and had a curly chord that had to be attached to the cigarette lighter to work. We had a Beta max player and a LaserDisc player which I wish we still had so I could display them as antiques.

Fast forward to the dawn of the social age and my exploration of new channels and ways to communicate ca. 1998. I was on friendster and a variety of AOL and Yahoo chat programs and many nerdy message boards. I was on a website called Suicide Girls when you still had to scan and email pictures. And then I got really into it and learned a bit of code to put cool flashy HTML things on my MySpace page (to this day my favorite channel I am not ashamed to admit).

Then things got interesting. Gowalla_sxsw2_900 copyWith SxSW Interactive, there was an awesome one-stop place to discover the newest trends in tech and have a rad time whiel doing it.  In 2009 the buzz on the streets of Austin was all around check-ins and gamification of your location. And the coolest way to do it at the time was through Gowalla. It was awesome looking and turned everyday going out into a game and promised things like coupon integration and rewards. I loved the platform and used it religiously while touting it’s coolness to anyone who would listen.

At the same time a guy named Dennis Crowley created a much simpler tool called Foursquare. This app caught in like wildfire with it’s simple functionality and scale . All my evangelizing of Gowalla fell by the wayside as popular outlets, businesses and celebs started using the new, more basic tool to check-in. (here’s more on the fate of Gowalla Vs. Foursquare)

The next few years I continued my early adoption missteps…I loved a music service called LaLa over Pandora and a micro-blog platform called Posterous over Tumblr. I still contend that these early platforms were awesome but it was the second or third option that had found the sweet spot of functionality and mass appeal and more importantly entered the market with some form of revenue plan.

Well folks, now I’m into the whole live video platform thing. After comparing Meerkat and Periscope I have to say, I’m all about the Periscope. I’ve only played with it a few times but the feeling I get knowing that 12 – 15 strangers are watching me make Pea and Sausage pasta fulfills my longing to be a TV chef. I get to join conferences and concerts as folks like Ted Rubin Periscope live events. (thanks Ted)

Time will tell which of these latest apps will survive the long haul but I have a sneaking suspicion I might have picked the right horse this time around.

Here’s another chick you may have heard of talking about Periscope:

How about you? I’d love to hear which app you like better and how you are using it!


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