The new “Standards”

I was updating my Instagram this morning after my old account got deleted somehow (don’t ask) and had to include some of my favorite art pieces. It’s a clever series of He-Man character portraits and quotes on how they have aged, see:

IMG_2637 IMG_2641 IMG_2636

Anyway, it got me thinking about ALL OF the rad films from my youth that are getting remade. (include Masters of the Universe) And with this the deluge of ranting about why people have to remake old things. “Why can’t the come up with their own ideas?” or “A Ghostbusters post Ramis – NO THANK YOU”

I admit I get riled up at the thought of some of my most beloved characters, no matter how cheesy, being redone by some Lindsey Lohan wannabe. But this is not a new phenomena people.

What is that theory –  there are truly only 4 types of stories and 5 types of characters? (it’s actually 7 but who’s counting?) How many different ways have we heard “Hallelujah” or “Chatanooga Choo Choo” or any other of the hundreds of standards from the good old days of big band music. It was de rigueur in the early days of recorded music to remake the same song with your own spin.

If the new version of a “standard” is blade runner, goonies, jem and the holograms and the marvel/DC universe -this geek girl is just fine with that! So bring it on you hollywood rewriters, thieves and misfits, let’s see what ya got*.

between you and me though – I still prefer this:

to this:

*Note Mad Max Fury Road doesn’t count as it was made by the same folks that made the original awesomesauce and is so incredible amazing i shaved my head #JustSayin #FuriosaForever

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