youth in revolt ?

Since we moved back to NY from CLE the roles have been reversed with my husband working and me being out of work. Having been on the early wave of integrated marketers leveraging social media for brands, I normally have headhunters knocking down my linkedin door. But this time it’s different.

The world is now saturated with “social media experts” and companies are equating youth with “getting it”. There was a time (like a few years ago) when 90% of the ad world were 40+ men. That means most tampon ad, every Lee jeans, every Maybelline ad was likely drafted and concepted by some old man. I know I know “what about Peggy Olson“. But for real – our industry was founded on people getting in the mindset of other people.

But the new world seems to be craving 20somethings as their thought leaders. “How do we relate to millennials if we aren’t millennials” I actually heard a planner say. I’m loving the show HAPPYish but also loathing it as it perfectly illustrates this scenario. (if you haven’t seen it GET TO IT)

Let’s all take a beat – get back to reality and realize we are PROFESSIONALS. We have data, creativity, social media focus groups and yes even some millennials on our staff.  At the end of the day shouldn’t we consider the big damn picture and hire people for the totality of who they are? Not just the juxtaposition of words on their resume or the cut of their interview suit. or their age.

Shouldn’t we also focus on building engaged, creative, cross-functional teams? As the lines of communications/marketing/PR and Advertising continue to blur, shouldn’t our teams reflect that? I’ve launched AMAZING campaigns that were the idea of a receptionist! Companies should just hire RAD people, right?

Maybe I’m just disgruntled but in reality I am concerned about the current wave in our industry. Maybe I need to go back to school and become a teacher. Maybe this is all God’s plan as the perfect job is out there on the horizon. Or maybe God just likes to make me eat ramen noodles.

Either way, if you’re a super rad company looking for an authentic, diverse and almost 40 creative professional – call me (well email me)

and here is a nugget from some guy

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