It’s all in a GAME

Many years ago I read this incredible book by Jane McGonigal. It was all about the theory of games. Not how to win at D&D or Frogger but the breadth of the concept of gaming and how it has the power to transform.

Fast forward to today while watching TODAY and a realization that many of the traditional media programs I watch have some form of game component. From local news to prime-time schedules to Kathie Lee & Hoda, television is overflowing with gaming.

Some people attribute this to folks like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres who have included games as core to their show format. But I think it’s something else. I think our culture is shifting just as Ms. McGonigal predicted. I think we are a more participatory collective now – we need to be PART of the story and while we may not be playing along on the shows, we FEEL more engaged as if we were.

If this trend continues, becoming a total gaming culture that spends hours on and offline “playing” – could our collective gaming solve REAL WORLD problems? Either way, it’s pretty rad when you see prediction from folks you admire coming to fruition!

Ms. McGonigal explains further:

Here’s a video from SXSW 4 yrs ago where I had the honor of joining an esteemed PSFK panel to discuss mobile which diverged into gaming along the way :

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