New/Old Adventure Back in the NY Groove

Here’s a little personal blurb to brighten a dreary NY day.

The last year has been a fun experiment in discovery. Here’s 6 things I discovered in the last year…

1. You shouldn’t overly plan a wedding because your doomed to be disappointed and miss out on rejoicing at the awesomeness.

2. I am more of a corporate “suit” than I previously suspected.

3. Men who have worked with the same crew, in the same place, on the same thing for 20+ years, aren’t likely to start something new.

4.  My gypsy-like ways are waning

5. I am not destined to be a suburbanite

6. When someone agrees to be in “it” with you – they mean it (wow)

So after all of that discovery, I’m back in New York. Renting a house in the quaint City Island of New York – a little fishing town off of the Bronx. I can see the big apple from my couch and am only a 20 minute drive to our old haunts in Williamsburg. I’m back on the prowl for a job – I figure I have another 5 – 10 yrs or so in the communications/marketing world. As much as I struggle with being a corporate person, the reality is I love it – i love the win, the creative process, the collaboration…and the paycheck.

I also discovered that I want to open a B&B – long term retirement goal and now full fledged plan.

SO – send job leads my way or funds to open an Inn and let’s all have a wondrous spring!

and there’s this…


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