the facebook algorithm conundrum AKA “to pay or not to pay”

I’m finding that often I will tweet an idea and it comes of rather flippant or cryptic in the Twitter space and feel compelled to come here and provide more context to my point. It’s actually a great motivator to update my blog which is you scroll through you will notice is pretty random and disparate.



So what the heck do I mean? Let’s act like DeeeLite and “Break it Down”

Splintered Social Media:

In the past 5 or so years Facebook has ruled the roost. It was the only social channel with true scale and ever-evolving targeting and reporting capabilities. EVERYONE is on it and if you want to be relevant and build relationships with your donors/consumers YOU TOO have to be on it. Which frankly was a pain in the ass for so many brands and organizations posing such dilemmas as “who should manage our page?”, “How do we get a million fans?”, “how often should we post?”, “What kind of apps/tabs do we need?” – not to mention the MILLIONS of dollars that brands were spending on building out robust Facebook pages only to have app usage drop off and at the end of the day not be able to track actual sales or business results from all of their efforts.

As a result of these pain points Facebook has moved to a strict advertising model. A year ago they encouraged brands to “strive for engagement” saying things like “The more likes, shares, comments you have the better your results.” Algorithms that once allowed a decent segment of your fanbase to see your content devolved over the last year to only allow 7% of your base to see any one piece of content – allowing Facebook to push you towards paying to “boost” posts.

so what is a brand to do?

to be continued….

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