Remix it up + Three Tenets of Content Marketing

Yesterday I talked about how there are no new ideas, just new channels. I got a few emails about that post and have been talking with former clients and colleagues about the theme of content marketing. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for analogies (sometimes they rock and sometimes they flop). One of my favorite analogies  is talking about how marketers should take a tip from Hip-Hop and “remix.”

What this means is finding something tried and true:

  • your brand promise
  • your core audience
  • your brand’s key differentiators

and mix it up with something new and fresh that allows you to present the pillars in a new way:

  • a physical event amplified through digital (road show/concert/art event/stunt)
  • a mobile app (always on)
  • interactive content (online, in media,in person)

Problems arise when people throw out the baby with the bath water and end up with nothing. Don’t compromise your brands equity, turn your back on your core consumer or abandon your brand’s values. You do not have to completely alter what your brand stands for to compete in the new digital environment.

The tenets I have been preaching since 2007 continue to ring true no matter what device or methods you tell your story:

  1. Be Authentic
    1. the big difference with these new mediums is the transparency. Unlike the radio show days you have thousands (maybe millions) of digital investigators ready to pounce on anything not accurate or on the up and up.
    2. you have a chance never before to befriend your consumer and be part of their lives EVERY DAY not just for a :30 commercial but for the duration of their digital day…make it count!
  2. Ensure you are ready for the spotlight
    1. do you have great customer service? is your product living up to its promise? can you handle the magnifying glass?
  3. Tell a Story
    1. Make a story (not a fairy tale) out of your brand promise and equity
    2. tell the story of your company, the people there, the reason for being, the values you stand for
    3. Find like brands and entities to tell your story for you

Follow the three tenets, do it in a new way and you’ll be remixin it to win it like some of the best (this is my fave example of old standard meeting new medium):

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