i quit

So as many of you (not that there are many that will actually read this) know, I recently started an adventure.

I quit my cushy six figure fancy job to pursue the noble profession of writing…comic books. You see, I’ve been creating things since I could walk and garble sounds. Music, poetry, clothes for dolls out of tissues, stories. You name it, I was scribbling it, imagining it or talking about it at the top of my lungs. My mom loves to tell the story of how we used to go on boat rides and I would sit in the back by the outboard motor singing songs that i was making up along the way…i would sing so loud i would drown out the motor.

funny how i have done very few things in life as consistently as create, yet i have never put any effort, care of import into my creations. For 20 + years, I have lugged around old milk crates, shoe boxes and rubbermaid containers filled with scribbling. Dead weight really as in all those years I have barely even ever shown them to anyone.

I try to legitimize it by this grandiose notion of only becoming known for my work posthumously. But that my friend is just a cop-out.

So I went the self sabotage route. I quit. I’m it up to get to the bottom of it.

I’ll pick up some freelance/consulting gigs and maybe pour coffee downstairs at the local coffee shop to pull my weight with the bills and such. But for the foreseeable future, my fingers are glued to the keyboard. My hair is going to a particularly punky shade of red and i’m going back to my combat boots and hoodies that were de rigueur in my overly creative youth. (if you need some social/digital/marketing/event help CLICK HERE)

So stay tuned! I may start my stories as little web-comics here on my blog while i seek out the perfect illustrator partner (if you know someone send them my way).

Oh and I am thinking I may try to record some of the songs I write, sans outboard motor.

Oh and rad chicks I met a few weeks ago reminded me of my little stand-up thing so I may try that too.

who knows, maybe by my forties I’ll be a real writer or at least have purged myself of the milk-crates!

here’s a little song my bff and i made some years ago….see I actually recorded something!

5 thoughts on “i quit

  1. Good luck, Renee. My wife supported me to do the same two years ago, so here I am writing, illustrating, flatting/coloring, and just learning in general. We should form a support group.

    • That’s AWESOME! Thanks–it’s super scary and oddly hard to “not” work. But I am being diligent about focusing on my stories and hopefully can one day pay the bills with just that! Thanks so very much for the encouragement!

  2. I only just stumbled across your blog via your recent tweet about Womanthology, and I wanted to say best of luck! I admire the that you are taking the leap to dedicate your time to your creative work. 🙂

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