Down with Syndication

I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend Eden this week about a clothing line she is launching in an attempt to offer her social media advise. As we chatted it became clear that things have changed incredibly since we started this thing 8 or so years ago.

I thought our chat might be beneficial to some of you.

Eden’s initial challenge was how to syndicate her content. When she uploads to Twitter it duplicated on Facebook but she has already posted on Facebook as well and so on. Additionally as she is starting her company she is also posting to her personal profile.

So feasibly, friends and fans of Eden’s (of which I am one) will see the same post 3 – 4 times. EGADS!

Eden has a blog, twitter account, Facebook PAGE for her clothing line, personal profile and a pinterest.

In trying to decide the best advise for Eden we had to be led not by “how do I syndicate” but rather “Who am I, what do I need to achieve for business results and finally, what is my bandwidth”

Often clients whether they are billion dollar fortune 100 companies or bad assed tattooed fashion designers setting off on their own ask the wrong question. They think they want a facebook page or twitter handle but what they really want is a platform to get people engaged with their brand and ultimately to BUY something. I think it’s just easier to think about the tools than the blueprint for most people.

The sad fact for Eden is that syndication is BAD. Though posting to one place and having it distribute to multiple channels seems logical and certainly saves valuable time for a one woman fashion company; it is simply not the best way to approach these channels.

As social media has evolved, so too have social media audiences. In the old days (2008ish) people weren’t on every damn channel. Early adopters were on Twitter, the masses were on Facebook and pinterest didn’t even exist.

Now, as we all have accounts across platforms, we look to each for very different types of content and engagement.

Step 1 of working with Eden was getting her to understand each channels use for her BUSINESS and then to prioritize them. This allows her to prioritize her time as well as her content.

Step 2 was to identify the easiest path to reduce redundancy. For Eden this was to DISCONNECT her Twitter from her Facebook.

Step 3 know the audience! As Eden’s company is a fashion company it is clearly highly visual. I advised Eden throw out the writing and become very photo heavy. Utilize her Instagram or Camera+ much more often and more strategically and link that to her FB and Twitter. (As her Twitter and FB are no dis-connected it will not be redundant).

Additionally she should understand the audience and rhythm of each channel. I advised using Twitter as a networking hand-shake and to do as much following and re-tweeting as native posting, thereby starting to build a network to her liking that will hopefully in turn promote the beautiful clothing she is creating.

For Facebook, this can be home-base and is as important as her website. This would be the main “runway” for her images, anecdotes, company progress and updates, events and more.

Because we’re talking fashion, Pinterest will be critical in getting fashion bloggers and stylistas to see her great work and though it is a huge time suck is an essential tool in her social media mix.

Step 4: Think less SYNDICATION and more PREPARATION! I advised Eden look into co-tweet or hoote-suite as management tools that would allow her to schedule her content, as well as shifting to WordPress which I find a much more user-friendly and robust blogging platform. This will help her spend less day-to-day time thinking about social media and more time to launch her business.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean ignore the channels everyday! She should still be checking in, networking and engaging but she won’t be worried about what to post every day.

Lastly I advised that Eden just do what she was comfortable doing. EVERY minute you spend in social media is beneficial for your business, it’s the old adage of how can you conquer the world if you don’t go out into it.

Eden is a brave woman doing brave things…what makes social media so amazing is, unlike cutting the patterns for her dresses, if she messes something up; it’s easily fixed and no one will be the wiser.

Hope this has been helpful and if you have questions please message me! In the meantime, check out the amazing work that Eden has been doing here:

Cabiria BLOG

Cabiria Facebook Page

And in honor of the line…here’s a little vintage Fellini that inspired Eden

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