How can you have any Pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

I was driving down the road after some great calls about upcoming speaking engagements and social media campaigns when Pink Floyd came on the radio. Now I must say, they are a bit played but you know whenever you hear them you pay a bit of respect for their innovation and for just being so damn daring and cool.

As the song wrapped I wondered if Social Media is not unlike The Wall. If you think about it there a ton of adversaries trying to hold on to old ways and when the bricks of innovation start breaking down they want to find ways to fast track to their success or retain their dominance.

When we all know that “we don’t need no education”, I mean really there is no curricula for this stuff! And to continue this clunky tie-in we certainly don’t need the old ways of communications ergo “Thought Control”

But rather we need to break down the walls, build something more fluid….something for your computer screen? Hell No! Something for ALL screens! Something consumers listen to? NO! Something consumers TALK to.

Brands want to put the same tactics in place they’ve been using and expect yummy results but if they aren’t willing to deconstruct, build new and innovative things, rid themselves of their stringent brand habits they will never get the pudding (see what I did there)….

And as thanks for enduring my ambitious analogy, I give you this…(apologies to Roger Waters)

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