How Deadwood and Breaking Bad are making me re-think my career

So I often wax poetic on my social channels and to the poor schmucks behind the bar at the local Greenpoint Pub about how we don’t make things. I know I know, I sound like that wondrous soliloquy from our beloved Saint John (cusack) in Say Anything. The reality is, I work in an industry where it is my job to tell stories (true or false as they may be) about how certain products and services will make your life better.

And while yes, that cleaning apparatus gets dust off your floors and the goo takes the stain off your teeth…we haven’t made those things here, in this country, with our own hands. In fact, given the choice between something made in America or made in China, American’s will select the China made item 100 times over when it comes at a lower cost. But is the cost lower, really?

Before I start waxing political (GObama), I’ll just get to the point.

Watching the entire 4 seasons of Breaking Bad and the first season of Deadwood over the course of the last 2 weeks has got me reeling about one thing…can I really sustain working in an industry where the goal is hollow, uninspired results over real quality and longevity.

I mean, Walter White would rather lose money and dispose of sub-par product than sell something not worthy of his brand name.  Where are these kind of ethics in the CPG world we live in? I think major brands have a lot to learn from this guy!

And as for Deadwood…When Bullock needed a house, he built the damn thing. He didn’t go on Ikea’s website and plug in some dimensions to have his kitchen  created. When is the last time you built something, or even bought a piece of furniture actually made of solid wood? I’m not suggesting we all give up our comfortable mail order, homogenized, sterilized, $1.00 off lives; but perhaps we should be a bit more aware of what we are putting into and taking out of the world.

As I search for my next big career move, I am honestly at an impasse. It doesn’t seem like comic book writer is available, it’s hard to become a carpenter or farmer in Brooklyn (though those trades ARE present there)….So I’ll have to stick with this digital/social/marketing thing.

ok ok … stepping off of my Made in China, wood composite Soap Box … here’s a lil John Cusack love for ya

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