Quit running

It’s interesting to me how some people will knock folks out-of-the-way and run to catch the train in the morning.

I understand that they don’t want to be late, but none of us do. The fact of the matter is there will be another train and you may be 5 minutes later — seems to me a small price to pay to avoid being a jerk and almost knocking over old ladies and kids.

Its like the people who cross the street against the light…what could possibly be on the other side of the street that’s worth dying for?

Here’s where i turn a rant about rude behavior into a business metaphor look out…

In your marketing, are you so busy moving ahead that you run right past your audience? Are you so consumed with some endgame that you lose sight of the everyday people who want to spend time with your brand?

It’s that sell sell sell mentality without for once considering that we need to know why we should buy buy buy.

My challenge to you is to stop running for the train, look both ways before you cross the street and take the time to walk WITH your target audience, not ahead if them.

Happy Monday–now let’s hop in the way back machine…

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