A morning rant

I’ve been festering for a week or so after the Today Show spent 12 minutes focused on a cheating vampire chick rather than talking about something important like the people volunteering their time to help returning soldiers or the teachers who gathered to talk about how to identify psychosis in young people and try to deter gun violence like that in Colorado….

Then I was venting about the quality of work in this country and how nothing seems to be American made anymore. Not only that but Americans are so consumed with making money (because we have to be) that too many people are happy to “click and cash”; click the mouse and cash the checks. Jobs that are supposed to be creative, strategic and impactful have become little more than data entry.

What happened to having a career that inspires? What happened to actually making things? We thought it was all about money so we made corporate decisions that made us more money and streamlined resources…look where that got us, a nation divided, jobless and with more focus for pasty teenage vampires than for those in public service.

Something is broken…somewhere along the way the soul of the nation got lost…i don’t know how or where and it doesn’t matter but I’m not content to go through the motions and pretend it’s ok.

If what you do every day, what you read, what you share, what you click on, what you say doesn’t matter than why bother?

Click and share something that matters today and say buzz off to pasty teenage vampire adulteress.

Here’s a starting point close to my heart, watch and CLICK HERE to actually do something

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