I started doing social media professionally in 2007. I’d been using social channels strategically since the 90’s; promoting concerts in chat rooms, creating friendster and myspace accounts for restaurants and churches that I worked with and organizing and promoting art shows on message boards.

When it became my job I got even more obsessed with the notion of “always on”. It didn’t help that my job was literally part of an organization that was saving children’s lives. This was the advent of twitter and the thought that I would miss out on the opportunity to connect with a donor in real-time or better yet converse mother who’d tweeted about her child having a cleft kept me up very late into many a night.

As I started to utilize Twitter and other channels to raise awareness and funds for my non-profit and other causes, I also started getting asked to speak at some if the first Twitter focused conferences. I joked from the podium at some of these engagements that my husband was divorcing me because I wouldn’t stop tweeting. To be fair twitter did not cause my divorce and for the record the ex and I are great friends.

However, it has caused me to really evaluate how we as social media professionals navigate in the always on world. I have made the transition from non-profit to the dark side of corporate social media. I thought if my tweets were about toilet paper and not about saving children’s lives or housing the homeless I might be less obsessed. But even still, it’s hard not to check the channels of my clients everyday (multiple times a day).

Worst still…I’m in a great relationship with a fella that shouldn’t have to (and doesn’t like to) speak to me over my laptop or iPhone.


As with all of life’s great quandaries  I refer to the god of my youth….MTV

Enter unplugged weekends! Unless it’s to catch up with a friend or family member or to check in from the park or movie theater–I unplug.

But enough about me–what I’d really like to know is how YOU, my fellow social media professionals manage the balance?

And to show what awesomesauce can come from unplugging…check this out

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