next big thing?

Yesterday, Someone asked me what the next big thing in digital was. I love this question. It typically comes from those who aren’t doing the current thing, or yesterday’s big thing correctly.

It’s like they are so focused on being early adopters that they lose sight of any real business objective or return.

“who cares what it does for my business?!? I want to be the first sprocket company to use rfid”

Lets use an analogy shall we? It’s like human or puppy adoption….people who adopt babies because they’re cute and cuddly but then when they become bratty toddlers or start peeing on the rug they want to send them back rather than nurture them into productive awesome adults….or worse, adopt a new one to smell that lovable baby smell again.

Hey, it happens.

Anyway back to technology—the moral of the story here is that the next shiny object matters very little if you can’t even nurture the basics. Technology is conduit–it’s a rope that tethers you to your target audience. If what that audience finds at the end of the tether is uninteresting, non engaging and frankly boring then no amount of shine and technical wonder will help you.

Oh and you can thank my new train commute for the coming deluge of daily posts…tomorrow I’ll follow-up on today’s piece with how to get the current thing right before hopping to the next shiny object.

Here’s your shiny happy video tie-in from two entities that always ensure that what’s at the end of the rope is super-duper:

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