(you shouldn’t have to) SHOUT!

I recently spoke to a colleague about their desire to spend a massive amount of money on an Olympics social media activation.

“Why would you do that?” I asked. “everyone does, you just have to” he said. I chuckled under my breath and the colleague asked what the problem was.
“Simple…saturation” I responded.

The brand in question was in no way affiliated with sports, it isn’t a travel brand and in fact trying to find any link between it and the Olympics is like connecting Lady Gaga to pest control…actually that would be an easier connection.

Here’s the thing, as marketers our job is to get attention for our brands, right? We are the shiny golden technicolor megaphones that bring eyes and ears to the wonder that is our product or service. We woo them with fireworks then inspire them with how their life is better because our sprockets and wingbats are in their lives.

So why on earth would you invest money in a time when no megaphone on the planet can reach a volume loud enough to even be heard, much less WOW their audience. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re Nike or Gatorade sure the Olympics are your sandbox and you should go for it. But if you have to hold a seance and call on Houdini to whip you up a comm idea that makes sense for you to play in the Olympics advertising arena you may want to reconsider your investment.

A wise person once told me “if you want to be heard…whisper.”  Those of you who know me know that i don’t really adhere to this in my personal life, however i do recommend this in social media.

If you have to shout so loud you lose your voice, you’re doing it wrong. Plan your marketing like a militia–hit them when they least expect it and do so in an authentic way that meets them on your own turf and not in some foreign construct.

Forget Christmas and Super Bowl and Olympics, what can you do in the middle of June to wow a captive audience…what can you OWN???

For the love of ROI, let us marketers use our megaphones strategically and don’t throw your money at gold medals you will never win, leave that to that Phelps kid!

And because I promised to always tie it back to my music loving roots…here you go:

One thought on “(you shouldn’t have to) SHOUT!

  1. agreed! that’s a really good way to put it (choose a moment your brand can own), sadly I can’t recall a good instance where it’s happened on social media… perhaps too many brands have the same idea & so it doesn’t stand out?

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