PR/Social “Superfriends”

So if you’ve been following along, you know I have entered the world of PR. I suppose it was only a matter of time when you consider what I’ve done all my life.

Talk about things I’m passionate about… a lot, to lot’s of different folks in a seemingly never-ending manner.

When I first broke into the Social Media world (before it was called social media) it was about promotions and marketing and relationship building and, let’s face it, coolness. As I began to have little successes with non-profit campaigns and later with major brands I was on the speaker circuit exclaiming the virtues of community management from a DIY point of view and actually denouncing PR as the place to go for social.

As the dust settles on this now core communication channel, it is abundantly clear that the world of PR is the best if not only place to house your social media services. PR’s DNA is made up of “Always On”. It’s all about identifying opportunities to create a buzz or a relationship or a moment in time out of what is happening in the real world. More-Over PR is where the traditional media intersects with the people and THEN intersects with the brand.

For the last 7+ months, my work at MSL GROUP has been to grow our business and bring both a vibrant always on approach as well as dynamic activations to some of the biggest names in CPG. It’s been a whirlwind few months aclimating to the inner sanctum of the PR world and watching the melding of this “new” wacky world of social to the venerable practice of PR.

It feels like being part of a DC/Marvel cross-over and I LOVE IT!

On Monday I will be attending the 2012 Matrix Awards communing with stellar women in communications and PR. I’m excited to have elevated what I once thought was a silly techy nerd girl obsession into a viable career that is actually part of a real paradigm shift in communications.

look for updates post awards and hopefully more blogs on this crazy new world I’ve entered…until then, check this crossover out:

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