Hell on Wheels

WOW–it’s been ten months since my last post. The trouble with doing social media for a living is you barely have time to do social media for yourself. After getting the nag from some dear friends I’m getting back into the swing or click of things and will be writing more.

When last we met I was helping build the social strategy and process for the US Fund for UNICEF. I LOVED working with the great team there and during my year on board helped bring some of their iconic programs into the digital age. (check out the awesome HERE and HERE)

I finally bit the bullet and entered the world of PR in September taking a great role at MSLGroup. If you know me you know I have been on the fence about going agency side. You also may know that in many of my speaking appearances and consultations I have debated the role of PR for social/digital management. Well I am happy to say this experience has made me a convert. The world of PR is perfectly suited to handle the live-action real-time whirlwind of Social Media. Whats more, clients (and mine are Fortune 100 brands you likely have in your kitchen) respect and value their PR teams.

As with every agency/client scenario there are caveats. The world of social is murkier than ever before and every agency from the ad agency to the media buyers to the packaging leads can and should have a say in social. (don’t freak out) The reality is that NO ONE is the be-all end-all expert in Social Media and EVERY ONE has a valid perspective and likely great ideas. The trick is to figure out how to work together and let the best ideas and processes take lead without diluting the big ideas or impeding progress in the name of diplomacy.

Who will reign king of social? At the end of the day the USER will.

The agency/client team that can find the best mix of all of the players–put all of the various chefs in the kitchen to work on the ingredients they rule best–THAT brand will come out ahead. We see it with Starbucks and Coke–each have more than 10 agencies at any point in time, all wanting a piece of the social pie and at the end of the day what is presented to their Friends, Fans and Followers is a fun, vibrant and cohesive social eco-system. If these behemoth brands can figure it out, then certainly we all can.

The biggest challenge and opportunity facing me in the PR world is to figure out how to unify the various moving pieces and teams and align toward what is ultimately best not just for the client but for the mom in middle America who is taking a few minutes out of her day to interact with her favorite dish soap online.

Who cares who came up with the copy or game or tab or app that she’s interacting with, as long as she’s there?!?

It’s a strange and wonderfully ever-changing landscape ahead of us, I’m looking forward to figuring out how to navigate it and will be more pro-active in sharing my learnings here with you.

Fasten your seat belts friends, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

oh and the music themed posts will remain…here’s some FuManchu Love for ya:

Flat Out Against the Freaks
There’s Nothin’ They Won’t Try
Hot Head – Heavy Foot They Meet
It’s Been So Many Days
And We Tried Every Way
We Knew of a Masterplan
So Put the Keys in My Hand

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