So Much Awesomesauce!

Man the last month or two has been awesome. The roller coaster of life is indeed fun, even if we’re screaming through the loop-d-loops! I went to SXSW (hopefully I’ll have an actual post on that soon)–I spoke at a few rad things and I am inspired every day by the work I’m doing at UNICEF USA and the people I get to do it with. I wanted to shamelessly plug a couple of cool videos, well the folks video-ing were cool I’m just a big dork. This first is short and sweet the second is a bit long and frankly i was a might nervous but we got through thanks to the rad Dave B Thomas.

I’m also ruminating an a long diatribe about social media as communications evolution not revolution—if you’ve chatted me up at a conference or in the hallway you’ve likely heard me rambling on via my imaginary soap box on this subject. Working on that soon too.

OH and I’ve been painting — updating with the latest stuff soon (do you LIKE me?).

Whew–so much awesome, so little time! Thanks for stopping in and clicky clicky for more rambling socia media and artistic radness.


I was on on New Marketing TV, Check it out:

My Marketing Nugget from SXSW 2011

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