Introducing Haiti 365; BE THEIR VOICE

I am so excited about my first big project as Social Media Manager for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.  Below is a preview of my upcoming blog post on the Haiti 365 Project that was dreamed up with myself, our team at USF and the incredible team at Cause Media Group StudioGood (I LOVE YOU MJ). I’d love your input, support, comments etc on what you think about this site. If you know me at all you know that my mission is to create real action and engagement using social as an entry point not an endgame. I feel like we are beginning  to accomplish that with this campaign and am infinitely proud of it.  I spent 2 days crying as the user-generated videos came in and we saw such a diversity of messaging, ages and locations and all of them truly passionate and dedicated to the cause.

From the U.S. Fund for UNICEF blog:

Last week marked the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. While much has been done to stabilize the country, there is yet very much left to do. To mark this somber anniversary, UNICEF USA was not content to hold a one-time event or create a social media campaign that lasts a day and doesn’t actually accomplish anything. Instead, we wanted to create something that focuses on what we really need; a long-term, dedicated team of people united to support the children of Haiti and keep them at the forefront of the countries rebuilding efforts. What evolved is the Haiti 365 project, designed as a call to service for people who are passionate about making true progress for Haiti’s kids.

Through the social media enabled micro-site supporters can sign-up via e-mail to commit to a year of service to Haiti’s children. Throughout the year, those who sign on will receive calls to action when needed. The first such call took place earlier this week when the New York Times posted an article about Haiti’s Recovery that completely left-out the most valuable asset to recover, Haiti’s children. Haiti 365 supporters were asked to write letters to the editor in the first of many actions we will collectively take to make sure the children are the story. Also on Haiti 365, we have captures snippets of first person stories and experiences from the children themselves. These stories will continue to be rotated as we capture more and more of the heart-breaking yet ever hopeful accounts of life in Haiti for a young person. Once you have read one of these stories you are prompted to bring that story to life by creating a video.

The videos are perhaps the most incredible part of this project. In the Voices of Haiti 365 gallery there is an ever-growing collection of user-generated videos from all ages, races, backgrounds and localities featuring one common message WE SUPPORT YOU. These video messages (over 100 of them so far) are an incredible example of how people are doing more than “click-through” activism to support this cause. Some famous faces are present in the gallery including NBA stars Sam Dalembert and Pau Gasol, music and television superstar and UNICEF Ambassador Selena Gomez and actress/humanitarian Mia Farrow with many more to come.

The Haiti 365 project will continue to grow with some exciting developments soon to be announced. If you have not already signed-up or created your video please do so. Get your church, school, family, neighborhood involved and become a real part of the solution for Haiti. Through the Haiti 365 project you really can BE THEIR VOICE!

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