Update on the chaos—

I realize it’s been a while, forgive me if I go a little astray. You see I have had quite a ride these last few months and though I am a Christian and believe that God has a plan yadda yadda, we have our own free will that allows us to utterly and completely screw things up.

So I go by Lucky Girl because even with God’s great grace, it’s the little bit of luck, that magical thing that seemed to smack me in the face somewhere between my dad coming back from Nam and my first formed thought, that keeps me from totally making a mess of things.

Why the mysticism? Well, how else do you explain a life like mine?

What could possibly compel someone to leave a fantastic job at an INCREDIBLE non-profit for a gamble with a kind-hearted man in New York? What could possibly make them think they could survive divorce, career shifts, single parenthood to 2 unruly dogs and yet another career shift in the span of 2 months?

What other than the grace of God and a little luck could make this person not completely combust?

well, actually the WHAT is a WHO and the WHO is YOU.

people. people like my dear friend Phil, who even from hundreds of miles away gives me strength everyday. People like the 4 incredible mentors I have had over the years that give me strength and confidence to wake up and do a bit more than pretend to know what I’m doing. People like you, whoever you are–close friend or some unwitting person who somehow stumbled upon my blog and is undoubtedly wondering why they are still reading.

So enough with the cryptic and the Kleenex moments–What the heck have I been doing for 2 months?

I Left NYC and MobileMatters in March not sure where I would go or what I would do. While at a speaking engagement at Coke I interviewed at Studiocom, a digital agency. Even the manner in which the interview came about was touched by some magical (spiritual) hand. I thought it might take weeks to get hired there or any other place so I packed up the dogs, the cat and the little brooklyn apartment and headed to mom’s guest room in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

No sooner had I returned the U-Haul, and Studiocom contacted me and brought me on. Oh and by the way can you start next week? So just 8 days after moving from NYC, I packed again (this time emptying 2 storage units) and headed to my newly rented 1920’s bungalow in East Atlanta.

So here we are, a little over a month in. The house is great except for the leaky roof, broken AC/Heat, Washing machine that won’t drain and crazy landlady/neighbor with 8 dogs. Oh and speaking of dogs, mom came to visit and help me fix up the house and on her first day Corny runs outside, dislocates his hip, gets surgery complete with 8 staples and a cone on his head. Stinky, not wanting Corny to get all the glory proceeds to bite my neighbor/landlady’s hand.

Did I mention I was Lucky?

So, I had intended on working in some actual content somewhere. Perhaps likening my move and history of chaos to the  Facebook’s 50k + Plug-Ins or my imploding self esteem to ning but I digress.

I think I’ll start fresh with some juicy social media mojo and a review of the transition from selling children’s smiles through social media to selling Kleenex (veiled client shout out 1). And by selling I mean figuratively, we all know it’s about relationship building, engagement and creating brand loyalists that truly love your products and services. Duh.

I have indeed learned a lot about the agency world being on this side of the desk and for all my grassroots Social Media homies here’s a tip—go to an agency and show them what ya got because the me n in suits truly have NO IDEA what’s going on. We engagement types have a lot to bring to the table to show traditional mass media folks how to really get in bed with consumers. And it’s not about clicks and e-mail address acquisitions. It’s about who’s gonna show me a picture of their kid singing our jingle and who’s gonna defend us to others when they throw rocks at our glass house.

I am inspired by the warm welcome both from my agency and from our clients. I am excited that what seems chaotic about my life actually is the spice (veiled client shout out 2) that peppers my life experience and gives me the ability to engage so many different people on so many different levels.

So thanks for tagging along, hope you aren’t getting whiplash from all the twists and turns and when I said YOU are who gets me through, I mean it. Every time that little wordpress ticker goes up and there’s no negative comment to follow, I feel like th world aint so bad!

I have fallen in love with Emiliana Torrini, if you haven’t already, you will:

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