Oscar let’s the girl’s have it!

I  realized I had not written in a bit so sat down to write a new blog post. I wanted to write something official and professional about Social Media and Communications and experiential marketing. But I am so filled with joy and cheese-ball optimism that I have to just go there.

Last night was the super bowl for us girls, OSCAR NIGHT. And in true form I sat and cheered, jeered and teared right along with the plasticine Hollywood types. And as I can in most things, I found immense inspiration in the ceremonies.

Let’s get the snark out of the way–the fashion was sub-par. Dresses looked like cupcakes and everyone seemed like they forgot their hairspray or smoothing serum. I was hard pressed to find a dress that brought gasps of awe, but rather was reduced to gulps of awe-ful.

But the underwhelmed feeling inspired by the Oscar night fashion was replaced by the triumph of the winners. Perhaps this year’s awards resonated more deeply with me because of where I’m at in life. I mean I am walking a figurative red carpet to a new career, a new home (with tiole wallpaper) and new opportunities to show my stuff.

I feel like I won something with my recent offer to work for a stellar interactive agency with a philosophy that so closely mirrors mine. Starting Monday March 15th, I will be Social Media Strategist for Studiocom – and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I might be a bit intimidated by the killer client list but not one to shy away from an adventure, I am anxious to see what I can bring to these incredible brands and how together, we will create super awesome customer experiences.

O.k. so back to the real stars—I have long been a fan of Sandra Bullock–cheesy, maybe but here is a chick that writes her own rule book, doesn’t take herself too seriously yet takes her work and her service to the world extremely seriously. She married my boyfriend and is a true southern G.r.i.t.s. (Girl raised in the south). I was rooting for her and for an equally deserving and dynamic chick, Mo’nique. And lo & behold, they both won.

That’s Sandy on the bottom left in a production of Peter Pan at East Carolina University with my friend Katherine Peyton Wallace

As if that triumph was not enough an incredible story came at the end–well worth staying up late for when Katherine Bigelow and her low-budget yet super powerful film “The Hurt Locker” kicked the crap out of James Cameron and his massive “Avatar” winning both director and best picture categories!

The implications of these wins are major in so many ways. As affirmations for women film makers (1st female to win best director); inspiration for independent film makers; proof of life after divorce etc etc etc. The overwhelming message from this years Oscars: talent and hard work CAN be rewarded!

Perhaps I am even more connected to this year’s ceremony because I got to watch it with thousands of friends from all over the world. For the first time ever, I was part of live commentary through my beloved Twitterverse. I was able to talk smack and rejoice in triumphs with people who I have never met yet shared the experience with me. (Shout out to @EveSimon, @Buttercupd, @Baratunde & all my other tweeps).

It was further proof that the social web is enhancing every aspect of our lives. These channels heighten our involvement in events, media and brands. How many of us actually felt our commentary on Charlize Theron’s dress was as funny and well received as those TV hosts? We were more engaged than ever and mainstream media came to our hashtag for predictions and quips.

It is this connection, the enhanced experience that makes me love the role I get to play in Social Media. That gets me excited and pumped up about the possibility to create real social change and break down the barriers between causes and brands and truly create a voice for the consumer and activist.

This brings me back to my exciting new position and my journey back to Atlanta. I hope you like what I wear down the red carpet, it will be something comfy and my limo will be a 14foot Uhaul towing a Toyota Matrix—but if this year’s Academy Awards are any indication; this low-budget, Girl Powered juggernaut will triumph!

(had to do it)

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