Welcome to the neighborhood…

Snow is falling in New York City, my temporary home. The cable is out and so are the lights. I am contemplating my pending move back home. 34 and living back at mom’s while I look for the next adventure.

I have Adele on permanent repeat with this lovely ballad. I love when she says “round my hometown oh the people i’ve met…are the wonders of my world are the wonders of this world…”

And here is where I turn a poignant blog post about home into a reflection on social media. In this reflective moment and contemplation of the term “Home” and the concept of “My World” I have to extend the borders a bit beyond Virginia.

I have to include in my hometown incredible people from faraway lands, major hubs and the apartment down the hall who have helped create what I consider home. And these roads are all paved with code and interwebs as I am connected to you (yes you dear reader) almost as much if not more deeply than the guy at the corner market in Chesapeake Virginia that holds a spot in my life’s flashback.

These “cyber” connections, through channels like Facebook, WordPress, Twitter and more are just as pivotal in my growth and spirit as the customers, colleagues, friends and even family that have shared my experience. In fact I know more about you (yes I’m a twitter and blog stalker). Thanks to Foursquare, I even know where you are right now…and that you prefer the sourdough to the rye.

I am dumbfounded at the repeat of the chorus that I truly can include people I have never even physically met in my “Hometown Heroes”.  Can it be true that this new frontier has really and truly enlarged our hometown–increased our support system–saved us from isolation and even depression. I know there are certain tweeters that always lift my spirits, and I have heard from others that my music posts or snarky comments have brought a giggle to a cubicle or two. And I am flattered.

Conclusion as the song ends…YES! Welcome neighbor, hello friend let;s have a potluck! Suddenly not so dreary eyed at this move and feeling very bad about not keeping up with you my friends and hometown heroes. I will certainly do more to blog and communicate more here in our little world. And as I prepare to speak in a few weeks I believe I will incorporate a slide or two about our friend Mr. Rogers and chat about this incredible opportunity for brands to grow their communities and to virtually shake hands with their neighbors. Imagine the brand loyalty when a customer realizes all they have to do is sing along—won’t you be mine, won’t you be mine, won’t you be my neighbor!

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