September for me is renewal, it is the month of my birth and thereby my personal New Year. Every major change I have embarked on, moving to NYC at 19 with $300 in my pocket, switching careers, holding a one woman art show; all of these happened in September.

This September is no exception. I have some incredibly liberating and transitional personal mojo working but that’s not the real excitement. The real excitement is the continuation of my growth in Social Media and Social Good.

I am excited to attend some amazing conferences and events and work to get Operation Smile further noticed in the world of social media. I mean you can say it in passing but Social Media is truly all about the SOCIAL. And that means IRL (in real life) as much as on Twitter, blogs, Facebook and Posterous (i’m trying it and liking it).

I am SUPER STOKED to head out to San Francisco for TwestivalSF on 9/11 and truly hope to meet lots of new people, evangelize for Operation Smile and most importantly help reach the goal set in May of 140 Smiles through Twitter (check out we have about $18k to go and I have faith that the awesome @krystyl and @adventuregirl will help us get there.

This week (not technically in September) I will be heading back to the big apple to attend the Social Good conference. I am so looking forward to positioning Operation Smile as an innovator in Social Media and look forward to meeting some of my Social Media idols. (and a hug from Pete Cashmore would be superb-don’t tell him he was once my wall paper!)

I will be speaking here in my hometown at a killer conference for sales and marketing types–I’m hoping to shift some paradigms and get them thinking relationships and conversations and less bottom lines and greasy palms! If you’re in the Hampton Roads area-check that out here.

I have a ton of ideas for blog posts based on conversations I have had with amazing folks from the DMANF in New York earlier this month, friends who are getting into SM  and some old colleagues from the marketing and PR worlds. Hopefully I will get the time and energy to put those together and share what I have learned over the last 6 months. I would never profess to be an expert but I sure have tested and listened a ton and feel like I could help out those getting their start in this crazy new world of communication and marketing.

And last but certainly not least-I will be heading back to the studio-the painting one and the music one and I promise to get dirty in both! Something about September gets those creative juices flowing and my mind flying–I so hope you will join my September adventures!

OH and THANK YOU—-THANK YOU—– THANK YOU for reading and supporting and sharing-let me know what you’d like to see and I will gladly oblige.

I’ll leave you with an old fav-Jimmy Durante and the melancholy September Song

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