3 little birds

I wanted to take a photo for this post of these adorable 3 little girls sitting near me in the airport. I’m sitting here thinking about a panel I am on tomorrow at the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Non Profit Conference in New York. I’ll be chatting about social media joined by the incredible Wendy Harmon and Heidi Hess. So I’m sitting here thinking about the presentation, the facebook/friendfeed marriage and the general paradigm shift for marketing that we are witnessing in real time; when I look up to see these 3 girls of varying age, each with a laptop perched on their lap. The image is classic, the oldest has a large screen, pro style laptop, the middle a slightly smaller and the smallest has one of those cute acer models. If we were unsure of the importance of social media and online marketing-this aptly illustrates the point. I seriously doubt those girls we reading huffpo or even Twitter-but I bet they checked facebook and maybe the nickelodeon or disney site I think the time has come to look outside of the social media box and see how we can get facetime for our mission with girls like these. I wish I had the photo but the image as it was a pretty powerful (and cute) illustration. If your donorship is aging (which it is) and you want to engage youth (which you should) have no doubt they are wired and getting social; are you?

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