Smells like teen spirit

I was just reading the latest and greatest from Mashable on why teens don’t tweet. I have a pretty strong opinion on it. Teens need to be part of a crowd-as much of an outcast, march to my own beat, punky teenager as I was, I still wanted a crowd of friends and to be accepted.

I think that the format of Facebook, where you are constantly offered new friends in your area, at your school or with mutual friends bodes well for teens. They have an instant community and crowd. With Twitter it’s touch and go. Unless you and your mall posse get together and decide to join Twitter and follow each other, chances are you’re not going to have many followers.

I remember that feeling. It’s the feeling you get when you decide to die a streak of your hair pink and pierce your nose while everyone else is wearing poofy bangs and shopping at Express.

No one likes that feeling.

Alas, there are the teens that are bold, savvy, geeky and unafraid who venture into the world of Twitter with eyes wide open and understanding the need to be strategic. They use Twitter as a resource for news and the latest on their favorite baller or to find out what color dress Taylor Swift is wearing today.

They get it.

The hope is (i suppose) that those teens that get it will then spread the word to their friends and create a solid community of teens online. But it is definately slow going…about as slow as the band geek’s walk towards the cheerleader to ask her to the dance.

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