i’m a slacker baby-so why don’t you kill me


I’m reading all of my blog subscriptions, following my #followfriday and catching up on all the non-profit goings on. Earlier this week there was a long stream through Progressive Exchange on Slacktivism. I followed the thread and really have no strong opinion either way. Color me a slacktivist I guess. But I wasn’t always an armchair revolutionary. I used to work in the trenches-feeding people out of my trunk, hanging out at the Union Mission, coloring with inner city kids who have no toys or supervision.

What happened?

I see this real focus on activism (and yes even “Slacktivism”) online as a push towards a shift in consciousness. Perhaps it’s because tech folks are so immersed in solitude and technology that they are more prone to reach out for something with meaning and connection to the world in need; but I find it odd and interesting that the Silicon Valley types seem to be leading the charge in this new awareness of charity and doing good.

But will it lead to people getting into it. Grabbing a spoon and filling the bowls of the hungry, not only giving a brother a dime but having a cup of coffee with him. Not just donating through paypal but sharing a laugh, a smile, a clean load of laundry.

I am inspired daily by the incredible work of Mark Horvath and at how industry like @Ford and Hanes. My prayer is that people will not only be inspired by his work but challenged to go out in their local area and seek to do a similar mission, getting to know the names of the homeless, sharing with them rather than pitying them. I love what he says on his incredible site Invisible People; “Homelessness has a name.”

How many homeless people can I name? How many can you name? I think I have just created some new plans for this weekend! (and maybe put an end to my personal slacktivism)

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