the color grey..

Someone mentioned to me that i put in my title that i ramble on about the color gray yet there is no mention of the color grey in any of my previous posts.

So here is my ode to grey. I should start with the acknowledgment of the ubiquity of the word grey. I mean is it grey or gray. Even Websters doesn’t make up it’s mind. which is exactly my point about my beloved grey. (I will use both spellings and I’ll tell you why.)


* Main Entry: gray
* Variant(s): also grey
* Function: noun
* Date: 13th century

1 : something (as an animal, garment, cloth, or spot) of a gray color
2 : any of a series of neutral colors ranging between black and white
3 a : a soldier in the Confederate army during the American Civil War b often capitalized : the Confederate army

My 2 favorite colors have always been Purple and Gray. Why? Because I personally identified with them. They hold a perfect balance of two opposing colors. Purple bring the blend of red HOT HOT FEISTY ANGRY PASSIONATE RED and blue cool cool moody calm serenity blue . And they live together so completely and at ease in the color known as purple. Sure red and blue struggle for top billing sometimes blue winning out in lovely lavender and sometimes red ravaging over blue in edgy eggplant and aubergine but they always seem to find a nice balance that ends up beautifying walls and paintings and sweaters worn by pretty girls.

As you may have guessed by now my love for grey and his lovely girlfriend gray stems from the same struggle for balance that enamors me to purple. So why the struggle? well I have always been a bit of a dichotomy; part Sally Field
and partWendy O Williams.

And have struggled to find some happy ground between old fashioned values and a real edge. I have walked this line (in a slight stagger)my entire life. I was a good kid, never in trouble except for telling stories and acting out. Meanwhile, I was very active in my Catholic church and even started a Catholic Youth newsletter at 14 for my entire region. All the while cutting my hair and drawing anarchy signs on my jeans. (see what I mean)

And now, as a grown up *cough* I walk the balance again as a professional striving for excellence but trying to keep that edge that I believe lends me to be a bit more innovative and strategic than perhaps the next guy or gal. Hence the “Riot Grrrl turned Geek Grrrl” you see up above this post. So I may be wearing a demure suit and sitting in a cubicle but underneath it all I am still the rebellious, dynamic, fickle and fun purple and gray girl that I have always been.

So there you have my ramblings on gray…it probably wont be my last. Rock On!

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