Double your pleasure

While at TWTRCON I had the great honor to sit down with the cool guys from GURU TUBE and record a couple of pieces about my Social Media philosophy and experiences. There are now 2 little videos for you to check out if you so choose–click here.

I am so excited and doing the Wayne’s World We’re not Worthy thing
because David Meerman Scott who appears a few videos below mine is one of my heroes in the industry. He was one of the first “gurus” that I started following and helped shape how I think about and use the tools.


I also added my 2 cents worth to a thread on LinkedIn and thought I would re-post here as well since I have yet to really outline key points about Social Media strategy–from a beginners point of view:

When asked, I often tell people that you want someone already using the channels and familiar with the format using them for you. That may mean your reception would be better at Social Media strategy than your marketing manager!

Darren, the key to our Social Media strategy is first understanding the philosophy that social media must be used as a communication tool that can by default lead to sales, not a sales tool that leads to communication.

the 3 steps we have used are:
1. Listen/Audit/Follow
-listen to what people are already saying about your brand as well as the ton of conversations around your products or like companies.
-audit; take an audit of where you may already have a social media presence such as facebook groups etc.
-Follow key influencers and resources to learn the ever changing tips and tools

2. Test/Engage/Prepare to Fail
-test various messages and tactics to see what yields the results you desire with your target audience
-engage those currently talking about you and encourage them to continue the conversation-use them as ambassadors to engage more friends/fans/followers
-don’t be afraid to try-try-try again; this is all one big experiment and there are no true benchmarks or guides-platforms change before books can be published and your audience is still catching up. So try a ton of different things and don’t freak out when one fails—just learn from it!

If your not prepared to be authentic, if you have to run all of your copy through brand marketing; social media may not be the medium for you. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are all about the conversation–people will only pay attention if your tone and information is presented as such. Make it a two way street and don’t over analyze. Additionally if you can’t devote enough time to keep up with the conversations by responding to people in a timely fashion-beware; that could really work against you much in the way poor customer service would.

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