Week-End Review

Whew, I don’t know how the bi-coastals do it. It is Wednesday and I am just recovering from the crazy Twitter filled weekend. I took a red-eye Sunday night back from SFO to Norfolk, thinking I would be 100% by Tuesday morning but alas I was still working my way back into full speed yesterday.
I’ve been trying to get a grip on all of the many wonderful things that happened, the conversations, the connections, the lessons learned and of course the money raised for Operation Smile. If you’ve been following along you know about 140 Smiles the Twitter based fund raising campaign I helped devise for Operation Smile (who I work for). Having connected with @adventuregirl through Twitter just over 2 months ago, the opportunity to partner with TWTRCON presented itself and so,naturally, we needed a killer Twitter campaign to accompany the opportunity.
We engaged Common Knowledge a killer firm that specializes in web development and strategy for non-profits. They offered strategy and web design pro-bono, got a bit of assistance from the super awesome Chris Carson at Modern Media (who put on TWTRCON)and VIOLA-we had a campaign to launch in under 3 weeks!

So the launch…well we’ll chat about that in a seperate post but here’s a video snippet

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