Blog on Connection Cafe

The super awesome Jordan Viator of Convio fame asked me 2 weeks ago to write a guest blog for the Convio “Connection Cafe” blog site. I was so honored and excited and talked her ear off about strategy and philosophy of social media. It was right after NTC so she filled me in on some of the awesomeness from that.

anyway I had just arrived in San Francisco to prepare for the 140 Smile launch and got her e-mail reminding me she needed the blog today. OOPS–time flies when your planning a crazy Twitter campaign. So I wrote it in the back of the airport shuttle and quickly found out that typing while dodging San Francisco traffic is much like riding that spinning thing at the carnival after you’ve eaten 4 corn dogs, cotton candy and a Slurpee. Anyway, here it is.

Thank you so much Jordan for letting me ramble on about my little baby, can’t wait to do the follow up and how we helped over 140 children!

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