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I am currently working on a project for Operation Smile, actually a huge big crazy exciting endeavor that will bring 200+/- people form 30+/- countries here to Virginia Beach in about 72 hours….and it is my responsibility to entertain and delight them. WOO HOO. YAY ME! I’m actually super excited and honored to be in the capacity. I have been part of the opsmile family for almost 2 years now and have lived pretty much in a donor relations bubble. a nice comfy bubble where I have worked under 2 amazing women and have been able to identify needs and create plans, procedures and materials to meet them.
this role has truly fulfilled my personal and professional longings…service/creativity/chaos/exceeding expectations and other really cool thing. I have grown as a person and professional.

but now I have been popped out of the bubble and thrust into the other world of OPSMILE. The mission/international/language stifled/logistics defying world of a truly global organization. I am so excited to learn word like “Beach” and “Iced Tea” in 30 languages. I think i might play a little game, like maybe I’ll find out how many different cultures do the electric slide or who is more popular Mick Jagger or John Lennon. I’ll bet Lennon because of the whole Yoko Ono thing. She’s pretty international, Jerry Hall is not.

One of my resolutions this year (that might actually happen) is to write more, to do some art, to DO SOMETHING. as opposed to looking forward to my prime time television addictions and the Sunday paper. well I’ll still make sure i catch CHUCK and the Sunday Paper….but as I am doing now, i will also type away the ramblings of a do-gooder.

that said, I’ll keep you posted on the mick Jagger thing (if there is a “you” to be had) and I will do my best this week to represent the US and Hampton Roads with excellence.

over and out (wonder how they say that in Tagalog?)

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